We are a neighborhood association bounded by Walnut Creek, Dessau Road, East Braker Lane, and I-35, including the subdivisions of North Oaks, Hillside, and Four Seasons. We work together to unite the residents into a cohesive group for the purpose of maintaining and bringing about a quality living environment for all residents.


  • Represent and advance the interest of residents in the neighborhood.
  • Keep all residents informed of issues vital to the neighborhood by appropriate communications and meetings.
  • Establish standing and ad hoc committees to investigate and make recommendations to the Association on all matters of neighborhood concern.
  • Promote mutual protection and safety and provide information to residents regarding available options open to them relating to the problems of home ownership, zoning rights, etc.
  • Work towards development and preservation of natural green spaces, parks, trees, landscaping and general land use management.

What can you do?  Join the Northeast Walnut Creek Neighborhood Association! Take part in the decision making process and become part of the solution. Let’s all work to make our neighborhood a better place to live.